Saturday, 7 May 2011

Blake Lively in Zuhair Murad - TIME's 100 Most Influential People Gala 2011

Well, what do we have here?? I wake up this morning and see a picture of what I thought was Blake Lively with....RED HAIR!! And it really was her, OMG was my reaction what about her amazing, angelic, beautiful blonde hair?!
Well, after a few hours I was hungry for more pictures of the newly red haired Blake and then excitement kicked in about Blake actually being a red head (I LOVE red hair!) and so on!
Blake was recently on TIME's 100 Most Influential People's list and so she debuted her brand new locks at an event at the TIME 100 Most Influential People Gala!

Dress: Zuhair Murad Spring 2011 Couture

After much consideration I've decided I love this hair colour on Blake, the red suits her skin tone and even though she didn't go too dramatic its still a beautiful strawberry blonde.
Plus the red hair against the blue dress looks fantastic and is a definite eye-catcher!

Blake had her usual gold/bronze eye make-up on with a pretty rose coloured lip and kudos to her for matching her eyebrows to her hair colour, its such an important part of changing hair colour and it gives the fact that's its not real away...unless that's what you want!
And those waves are gorgeous, very classic!

Blake wore this beautiful Zuhair Murad Spring 2011 Couture gown which looked beautiful against her red hair. Blake doesn't tend to wear gowns and I was pleasantly surprised by this, plus who would turn down a Couture piece? It's slightly different from the catwalk version with minor tweaks. A beautiful gown considering I wasn't too fond of it the first time I saw it!

Naturally Blake paired her Couture gown with a Christian Louboutin heel, she's wearing the Galaxy Pass heel.

She finished her look of with only one piece of jewellery, a Turquoise and Diamond ring by Kimberly McDonald. It's such a beautiful ring, the colour is unreal and it complements the gown perfectly!

Hope you like her red hair as much as I do! <3

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